I have painted many commissioned homes and landscapes.  I really enjoy working with clients to create a special piece for your home or as a gift. Paintings are great ways to create a memory of your current home & make great gifts to give on the celebration of a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or other special occasion.  I'd love to work with you on your commissioned painting, e-mail me {} to get started. 

How does it work?

1.  You will simply email a set of photos of your home or favorite scene {}. Photos taken from different angles and of details are helpful. Send along any comments you wish when you send the pictures (i.e. - what to eliminate and/or what to add). 

2. I’ll ask you for some details, like what size and style you are would like the finish painting to be. With that information, I will provide you with a with a quote to complete the painting.

2. Next, I’ll create and e-mail you an initial drawinge.  This is a good time to make changes.

3.  Finally I’ll complete the watercolor and ship it to you. 

The final product is an watercolor painting on Watercolor Paper.  
I can also help if you’d like to have postcards, invitations, or notecards prints made from your custom painting, contact me with any questions.