Urban Sketching Seminar

I recently participated in my first Urban Sketching seminar, in Chicago, and it was fantastic! On Sunday evening, after the seminar ended, my partner and I had dinner and I couldn’t stop talking about how great the whole experience was.  Here are a few things that made the experience so great:

Meeting New Sketchers 

I didn’t realize how many Sketchers would attend the seminar from all over the country (San Diego, Boston, Texas, Orlando) and even around the world. It was wonderful to get to meet those Sketchers and also to connect with local Sketchers.  I hope to attend seminars again in the future and to build relationships in the urban sketching community over time. 


Learning and Lots of Food for Thought

I participated in four workshop about composition, watercolor style, drawing the human figure and drawing technique. I was left with so much to think about and to experiment with in my future work— specific techniques,  general guidelines, and big picture approach. In the time since the seminar, I have found myself considering my composition more carefully, incorporating the figure more and playing with new styles of drawing and painting. 


Enjoying the city  

The seminar was headquartered at the American Academy of Art, on Michigan Avenue, in the loop. It was a wonderful excuse to spend two full days drawing and painting in and around Grant Park, Millennium Park, and the Loop. The parks are extra lush because our rainy spring. It was wonderful to make art among the energy and beauty of Chicago’s center.