Reorganized Studio

My partner Gregg and I have been considering whether to move or to stay in our current home. For now, we’ve decided that we will stay. This decision makes me very happy, as I love to ask the question, “How much is enough?” When it comes to the things we own, the things we do, and the space we have, it can be tempting to want more and “better.” I like the idea of fully embracing, with gratitude, the space we do have. 


Our condo is relatively small, but I am so lucky to have a dedicated painting studio. It’s a space in the attic loft of our home. I love the space, it feels cozy with a wonderful north facing skylight! The challenge of the space is that the ceilings are all angled, which can make furniture arrangement and storage a challenge.

A little over a year ago, I did a major cleaning and reorganization of my studio. I was proud of the work because it has stayed clean—everything had a home.


As the result of Gregg’s reorganization in his office, he was getting rid of two big IKEA cube shelving units. This gave me a better opportunity to identify new storage solutions for framed paintings and other art supplies. I was able to remove the shelf from a set of shelves that were no longer needed for storage of other supplies. This created a more accessible, more secure solution for many framed paintings. The cube storage is a great way to store unframed paintings, prints, and cards, in addition to painting, framing, and office supplies.


This reorganization makes me love my studio space even more and truly appreciate the peace that comes with everything having a place. And, I find that an orderly space lends itself to creativity.