Inspired by a snowy morning


As the year nears an end, I’ve been considering the many things for which I am grateful. Inspiration Corporation is near the top of my list each year. This year was the 10th year that I’ve volunteered Wednesday mornings, serving restaurant-style breakfast to guests affected by homelessness and poverty. Inspiration Corporation holds a special place in my heart: it’s been a consistent part of my life all these years, it’s an opportunity to serve people in an atmosphere of dignity and respect, it’s a place where I’ve gotten to know guests over the course of time, and where I’ve made some dear volunteer friends. It’s been my pleasure to donate pieces over the years to their One Inspired Evening annual art auction. This year I created this piece specially, for consideration by the jury. The painting depicts the newly restored Uptown Station, just north of the cafe, in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. It was created from a photo I took on my way to volunteer, last February. The photo captured a particularly peaceful morning—still dark, snow gently falling and not yet disturbed. Click on the link to the artist registration form, for this year’s One Inspired Evening, if you are an artist who may want to donate. Sending warm thoughts and hope, for great success for Inspiration Corporation and all of its guests in the year to come.