Mini House Portraits

Over the years that I have painted, I have been commmissioned for many house portraits. As an architect, in particular, I am drawn to painting buildings and people love having paintings of their home or giving house portraits as a present. Depending on the size, home portraits can be fairly time intensive to creative and therefore fairly expensive, on account of my time. I was thrilled recently to stumble upon the idea of a mini house portrait. 


I had made ornaments depicting the homes of my partner’s sister and parents four years ago and had forgotten all about them. This year, my sister-in-law asked me to create a similar ornament for her neighbor. I was thrilled that she reminded me of these ornaments that feature tiny house portraits. The featured ornament measures 3”x3”. 


I am delighted by the idea of offering these ornaments, in my Etsy shop, because they allow for me to share the gift of a custom home portrait for only $25. Ever since I completed this project, I’ve been day dreaming about other opportunities to create and share mini home portraits. Look forward to sharing more in the future.