About Jane

Jane Sloss is an architect|watercolor painter living just north of Chicago. Jane’s adventures in painting and architecture have taken her all over the country and world. She learned to paint during a year spent studying, in Rome.  As an architecture student, Jane spent many hours sketching and painting in the piazze of Rome and other Italian cities and towns.  She appreciates the pure pleasure and meditative qualities of painting, as well as the opportunity it offers to chart our course through life, our interests, our evolving abilities.

Jane has presented two solo exhibits: “At the Heart of the City: Western Avenue in 24 Paintings” at the Beverly Art Center and "This is Home" at Firecat Projects, in Chicago. Previously, She taught watercolor painting at Rumble Arts Center and served on the faculty of Archeworks, in Chicago. Jane is currently an architect with Worn Jerabek Wiltse Architects and always finding time to paint. She has been awarded arts grants through the City of Chicago CAAP Grant and the Illinois Arts Council Grant.