Reorganized Studio

My partner Gregg and I have been considering whether to move or to stay in our current home. For now, we’ve decided that we will stay. This decision makes me very happy, as I love to ask the question, “How much is enough?” When it comes to the things we own, the things we do, and the space we have, it can be tempting to want more and “better.” I like the idea of fully embracing, with gratitude, the space we do have

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Painting at the Bah’ai Temple

My partner Gregg and I love to go for walks together. For as long as we’ve been together, we have found that taking walks around our neighborhood and the surrounding environs is a good way to connect and talk about our lives. We are very lucky that from our current home we can walk to some fantastically wonderful places. We often walk to Lake Michigan, to the nearby Lighthouse Beach or to “the fill” at Northwestern 

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Creative Retreat

This past weekend, my friend Jackie and I went on a Creative Retreat. This is our third year taking a creative retreat. Why take a creative retreat, you ask? For me there are a few elements that make a creative retreat a valuable time to do creative work. 

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Jane Sloss