Sketching with Urban Sketchers Chicago

I recently sketched at the Chicago Cultural Center with the Chicago Urban Sketchers Group. It was a delightful afternoon; I have always loved the Cultural Center, which used to serve as the main branch of the public library. It was particularly special this visit last Sunday because Preston Bradley Hall, which houses a 38’ diameter (!) Tiffany dome was open to the public.

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Jane SlossComment
This is Home

In 2015, I completed and exhibited a series of paintings and interviews that I called  “This is Home.” My interest in home and how we depict home began many years ago with a painting my great-grandmother made of my Grandmother’s childhood home. This painting on ceramic hung on the wall in my Grandparents' dining room and I was always very curious about it.

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Reorganized Studio

My partner Gregg and I have been considering whether to move or to stay in our current home. For now, we’ve decided that we will stay. This decision makes me very happy, as I love to ask the question, “How much is enough?” When it comes to the things we own, the things we do, and the space we have, it can be tempting to want more and “better.” I like the idea of fully embracing, with gratitude, the space we do have

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